Supporters' Circle Membership

Membership level:     at   £ 60.00

ENSEMBLE - £60 per year

Benefits of membership
  • One week priority booking period
  • Supporters’ season e-newsletter
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
For more information about Ensemble membership, or to make monthly direct debit payments of just £5, please call our Development Office on 01223 578935, or email

  1. Waive benefits
    You may choose to waive the benefits associated with this level of membership, allowing Cambridge Arts Theatre to treat the full amount as a donation.

  2. Please send me more information about:

If you'd like information about higher level giving or gift memberships, please contact the Development Office on 01223 578935 or email

Payments are comprised of a donation, which is freely given to us with nothing given to you in return, and a compulsory charge relating to the value of the benefits provided. If you would prefer not to make a donation and pay for the benefits alone, please contact the Development Department on 01223 578935 for the full details of the value of the benefits shown. If you would prefer to offer a donation with no benefits please contact us in the same way.